Hire a Professional DM

Do you want to play Dungeons and Dragons or a different tabletop RPG but don’t have a Dungeon Master? Consider hiring me.

My name is TuesdayTastic and I’ve been a Dungeon Master for over 7 years. During that time I started this blog as a resource for other DM’s to help hone their craft. I specialize in giving my players the freedom and direction to create the kinds of stories that they want to tell. Adventures run by me are larger than life while still remaining deeply personal to the player characters. But don’t ask me, here are a few testimonials from my players.

The environment TuesdayTastic creates for his players always feels very welcoming.

He hypes the players up! When someone has an idea for a character his first question isn’t “Does that fit into the story?” but “How do I fit that into the story?”

He has asked me many thought-provoking questions about my character both in and out of game, that made my character grow in how I think about them.

TuesdayTastic makes constant, clear, and effective efforts to create a fun and inclusive play environment for a WIDE range of people and their personal needs.

What can you expect for hiring me as a Dungeon Master?

  • Rich worlds filled with vibrant NPC’s
  • Excellent voice acting skills
  • Player driven narratives
  • Intense combat with beautiful maps (Dr. Mapzo on Patreon).
  • Custom made handouts
  • Session recap articles
  • LGBTQ+

$5 per player per hour. 100% off for your first session!

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