Crossroads Character Tools App

D&D character creation apps are something I want to use, but have never found one that I've liked. I've tried other D&D apps in the past, but there is always something missing that hurts the whole experience. The apps I have tried would drain my battery, have complicated layouts, and felt less like a character … Continue reading Crossroads Character Tools App

Lairs of Legend: The Tarrasque

Black Dragon, Blue Dragon, Green Dragon, Red Dragon, White Dragon, Beholders, Aboleths, Liches, Vampires The party teleported into the city, walking into a whirlwind of chaos. Citizens ran to gather their belongings as guards feebly tried kept order. The ground trembled and ancient buildings crumbled into dust. The party flew into the air and were the first to see the beast. The … Continue reading Lairs of Legend: The Tarrasque