U/W Monument Deck Tech

It’s Tuesday O’Clock! Time to do a deck tech!

I am starting a new series on this blog focused on Magic the Gathering. Mtg has become a really great addiction hobby for me that I have put a lot of time and love into. My school club was in need of someone who would highlight a new deck each week, so I volunteered. I decided I might as well add this to my blog, as a new weekly segment. Let’s get on with the deck tech! Originally I was going to do a deck tech on a pauper deck that I am fond of, but because of Pro Tour Kyoto I am instead going to focus in on a standard powerhouse right now that will likely see a lot of play in the upcoming event. That deck is U/W Monument. U/W Monument is a very powerful deck focused on the card Oketra’s Monument. This card reduces the cost of all of the white creature cards in your deck and gives you a free 1/1 Warrior token upon the casting of any creature. This sleeper card from Amonkhet has made a brand new archetype that has been dominating standard recently. The reason this card is really good is because it can make cards such as Spell Queller cost only a blue and a white mana, or can give you a turn 4 Cloudblazer while giving you a 1/1 Warrior token. Selfless Spirit for wrath protection, and Bygone Bishop for card draw. What really puts this deck over the edge, however, is this other card in Amonkhet in Dusk // Dawn. When all of your creatures are power 3 or less, a conditional 4 mana wrath can be really useful for you to stabilize after playing a monument on turn 3. What really makes this card amazing, however, is the dawn part that gives you back all of your creatures to play again. Dusk // Dawn is the card that gives this deck the inevitability that this deck needs and will almost guarantee a win if you aren’t already dead on board. This deck then has 2 very powerful finishers in order to close out the game in Hanweir Militia Captain and Westvale Abbey. Flip either one of these cards and your opponent might as well just concede. Here is a sample deck that you can use for ideas: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/standard-w-u-monument#paper. Thank you guys for reading! I’ll be back at it again this time next week detailing a really cool pauper deck for you guys to check out. I’ll be putting these deck techs up on my blog Only On Tuesdays (http://tuesdaytastic.blogspot.com/) so that way we can have a nice archive of them all. Have fun with the pro tour, and see you guys next week!

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