Dominaria Standard: Eternal Scarabs

It’s Tuesday O’Clock! Time for a deck tech!

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It’s almost the end of Dominaria Standard, and it has been quite the ride. Dominaria has been a very fun set for brewers, introducing a lot of powerful cards into the format, with a lot of the awesome build around cards costing less than a dollar. This led to some very interesting decks such as Voltron, Saprolings, and my personal favorite Hailfire Engine. At the end of this season though, I want to go back and explore a deck that has not seen any action for quite a while. We are nearing rotation, and I want to have some fun with a few cards before they leave Standard. Today I want to play with Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons.


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Hapatra is a card that just oozes value. Creating deathtouch snakes just for executing the gameplan of this deck is incredibly powerful, and if left unchecked, Hapatra will amass a board that is impossible to get through, and will eventually kill you. Being a 2 mana 2/2 ain’t half bad either, and in a pinch she can target herself with her own ability in order to create another snake. Hapatra is a sweet card, and I want to see what else can support her.

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Looking at all the cards available for the -1/-1 counters strategy, a neat enchantment caught my eye. Nest of Scarabs is a powerful enchantment in the right deck, and given that we want to play all of the -1/-1 effects that we can, it is very easy to trigger this on every single turn. Having both Hapatra and this on the battlefield is a powerful value engine that is very difficult to deal with.

How exactly do we enable these cards though? -1/-1 counters is the name of the game, and cards like Channeler Initiate do exactly what this deck wants to do. It is a powerful card in both the early and late game, ramping us to 4 mana on turn 3, or trading one scarab for three if a Nest of Scarabs is on the battlefield.

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Being able to accelerate to four mana on turn 3 is crucial, with powerful plays such as Crocodile of the Crossing and Tenacious Hunter. These nasty crocs synergize beautifully with Channeler Initiate, either letting you crack in for 5 ahead of schedule, or set up a vigilance and deathtouch creature that nobody wants anything to do with.

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One of my favorite cards in this deck is Ammit Eternal. This card sees play in my zombie decks and has always been quite the performer. For such a big body for a low mana cost, you would expect a pretty significant downside. In this deck, that negative is one of it’s most powerful abilities, allowing us to trade each spell from our opponent into a creature. This is a card that must be dealt with, and almost anything your opponent does to address it will simply generate value.

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At a first glance, it can be easy to assume that this deck is light on interaction. With only 2 Vicious Offerings, and 4 Splendid Agony how is this deck supposed to deal with problematic creatures? The answer lies in the manabase. With 4 Ifnir Deadlands and 4 Grasping Dunes, interacting is as easy as playing your land for turn. Swing in with a 1/1 scarab that will get chumped, only to play a Grasping Dunes and eliminate their 2/2 creature and create another scarab.

Eternal Scarabs Decklist

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If you are interested in playing a game all about value, then this is the deck for you. And value doesn’t have to come at a steep price tag either with this deck only costing 40 dollars. (And only 6 tix!) This deck is a blast to play, and budget to boot. If you would like to watch this deck in action, be sure to check out Thank you for reading, have a great week and an amazing Tuesday!

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