Modern: Goblins at the Stake

War of the Spark spoiler season is in full swing, and it is looking to be another amazing set full of awesome cards. However, I personally don’t like to brew any decks using the new cards until the full set is released. So instead I have a new Modern deck to show off. As I was looking through a bunch of old cards I found Burn at the Stake, a card that can singlehandedly kill a player. To burn players at maximum efficiency, we need to make a lot of creatures, preferably tokens. Fortunately, goblins make for excellent fuel.

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Burn at the Stake can kill an opponent as soon as you get 7 tokens. When you play Burn at the Stake it is important that you can get 7 creatures by turn five so that you can kill your opponent on the spot. This is fortunately extremely easy to achieve in this deck, with multiple different lines guaranteeing enough tokens to kill your opponent with. And for every 3 damage, your opponent takes, you will need one less token to kill them. And in the event you don’t draw Burn at the Stake, there are still many avenues to victory.

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One of my favorite lines to victory is in a card that many people hate to see in EDH circles and that is Krenko, Mob Boss. Krenko is a tricky card to play in Modern as he doesn’t do anything the turn he comes down, but is still a must kill threat. If Krenko gets to live for even one turn your opponent probably loses the game as you proceed to double your army. You can also use your massive goblin horde to kill the opponent with Goblin Rabblemaster swinging in as a 10/2.

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Goblin Chieftain is the only lord to show up in this deck, and he adds a ton to the deck. Casting a Hordeling Outburst means having 6 hasty power for only 3 mana. Goblin Chieftain also lets Krenko tap immediately, giving him much more value for when your opponent is tapped out. While the Chieftain isn’t the best fit for the Stake plan, he compliments the rest of the deck in such a powerful way that he can’t be ignored.

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The main draw to this deck is how cheap it is. For only $75 you can have a fully functional modern deck that will be killing people by turn 5 or sooner. The combination of goblins and a one-shot kill card can make for a very dangerous deck that demands respect. If you want to burn people down from 20 in one blow, chuck a goblin at them for 5 damage, or give your Krenko haste this is the deck for you. Thank you all for reading, I hope you have a great week and an amazing Tuesday!

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