Magic the Gathering Modern: Hush

Wispa flitted above the bridge. Below her were several people walking around in a small village. Wispa had never seen these people before and was excited to meet them. She dove down and settled behind a lamp. These people were strange! They had massive buildings that they would walk in and out of, and always looked sooo busy. They always looked so focused and serious no matter what they were doing, and they looked so bored. Wispa decided that she would help them feel better and play some games with them. She fluttered over to the pie that was cooling on the windowsill and slipped inside. It was warm and mushy and weird, but Wispa knew that it would be the funniest thing when she burst out of it! The townspeople would love her, and her sense of humor.

“You’ll never believe what just happened.” Micheron trotted up to the Selesnya outpost.

“Yeah, you’re right I probably won’t,” Cillena said, continuing to polish her blade.

Micheron took a deep breath and then said “I got an audience with Mat’Selesnya.” Cillena looked up, a skeptical look on her face.

“If you’re going to lie to me, you could come up with a better lie.”

“I’m being serious,” Micheron said. “I requested an audience with them due to the threat that the horror poses, and because of my rank as a Ledev it was granted. They’ve deemed that this threat needs to be contained, and elected to grant us a Hushwing Gryff.”

“I’ve never heard of a Hushwing Gryff. Are you sure your leg isn’t being pulled?” Cillena turned back to her blade.

Micheron looked at her in frustration. “I know you wouldn’t believe me, but if you can just follow me, I’ll show you the Hushwing and we can use it to defeat the horror.”

Cillena sighed, looked up at Micheron and said “I’m still not sure I believe you, but this abomination needs to be stopped. To fulfill my duty as a Ledev, I’ll come with you.”

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“They’ve discovered our location”. Omutt announced as he put away his spyglass. “A Leveler approaches”. The Vedalkens behind him made no sound as he turned to look at them. Their faces were sullen, and their eyes dark. Running was no longer an option.

Seda sighed in exasperation “It seems that no matter where we go, Memnarch is able to track us”. Everyone nodded in agreement. Omutt looked off into the distance, his eyes meeting the lifeless eyes of a myr. It cocked its head and continued to stare.

“We can’t stop now” pleaded Utilitan. “We have all seen what Memnarch does to traitors. I don’t want to wait for the Leveler to come collect us”.

“Well, what do you propose then?” Seda shot back, a sharp tone in her voice. “Do you just want us to go out and fight it?” A dull buzz came from the distance. The sound of the mountain getting destroyed was clear to all. Omutt watched as the myr began to hop towards the group. It stepped over a puddle of water and a bug unleashed a shockwave of electricity. The myr seized and then fell, and the insect came out and dragged away it’s prey. Inspiration struck Omutt.

“Seda, maybe fighting the Leveler is the correct thing to do. I believe I have an idea”.

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Wispa waited for what felt like an eternity. Finally, the pie started moving. Wispa giggled to herself in excitement, the humans are going to love this. After waiting a long second, Wispa burst out of the pie, red goo covering her, and flew towards the humans face yelling “BOOOO”. She screamed in terror and dropped the pie, smashing it against the floor. The girl ran away and Wispa laughed and laughed. She hadn’t made someone that scared in a long time. Wispa used her magic to clean herself up and then realized that there were more humans coming into the room. These ones were extra serious, and Wispa looked at them confused. Why did they not like the joke? They then grabbed metal pots from the ceiling rack and started to swing them at Wispa. She darted in between all the pots and pans and flew to the window. As the men started to chase her she flicked her wrist and made the pie smear across the floor, causing all the men to slip and fall. Normally, Wispa would’ve giggled at the sight of people falling but she was experiencing a different emotion.

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Cillena and Micheron trotted to the heart of Selesnya territory.

“Where do you think the horror came from?” Cillena asked Micheron.

“I don’t see why it matters. It eats people and needs to be stopped. What else is there to it?”

“You don’t believe that maybe a guild created it?” Cillena carefully asked.

“Why would a guild ever create something so evil?” Micheron asked.

“There has to be a motive behind its existence”.

“It’s not our job as Ledev’s to figure out the politics. People are in danger, and it is our duty to protect them” and with that, he galloped away. Cillena sighed and followed, hoping that the Hushwing would actually be able to help.

The vedalkens worked tirelessly as the Leveler approached. The sound of rocks being churned to dust served as a constant reminder of how important it was that this worked. Myrs watched on as the group added parts to a ball, constantly tuning and tweaking the machine. By the time the sound became unbearable, the machine was finished.

“We have one shot to get this to work!” Omutt shouted to the group. Nobody could hear him. He pointed at the machine and pointed towards the Leveler, the massive machine blocking out the moons. Everyone nodded and Utilitan reached inside the machine and turned it on. It began to float in place and lifted up above the vedalken, their last beacon of hope against the massive machine. The Leveler’s massive claws broke ground 50 feet away from the vedalken. Omutt looked on hopefully. If this failed, he was the one responsible for his people’s death.

The orb sent out massive sparks of electricity which flared across the canyon. They arced across the Leveler, lighting up the inner workings of the behemoth. It took a step forward. Omutt looked on in defeat. Then another spark of electricity shot from the machine. Omutt couldn’t believe his eyes, they had rigged the machine to only fire once. The Leveler faltered in place, and collapsed in front of the vedalken, sending up a huge cloud of smoke. The vedalken cheered, while Omutt slumped to the ground. It actually worked.

She flew out of the window and went up high. Why didn’t they like it? It was just a harmless prank, and her face was so funny. Why were they so angry? Why did they try to kill Wispa? As she flew up into the sky, she looked over to the bridge and saw a new face, a Troll that was attempting to cross the bridge. On the other side of the bridge were more humans, and this time they were casting magic of their own.

Goats kept on coming out of portals and were walking straight towards the troll. They were terrified, but the humans pushed them forward. The troll then would pick them up and smash them against the ground before eating them. The sound of a pot smashing next to her rang through her ears. If the humans thought they were so high and mighty, I wonder how they would feel having a goat smashed next to them.

Wispa flew over the bridge and started casting a spell. By the time the humans had noticed, it was too late. A circle of lips formed around Wispa and shot towards each of the humans, covering their mouths, and silencing their spells. The goats disappeared, and the troll looked at the town, a wicked smile beginning to form on his hideous face. The humans began running as fast as they could, but the troll was faster and sprinted into the town. Wispa could hear the screams from far below and was satisfied with the lesson she gave them.

Micheron trotted up to a secluded glen near the edge of the territory. Cillena had never come here before, but she followed Micheron inside. As soon as she walked in, an overwhelming sense of peace washed over her. Nothing mattered anymore. She looked up and saw a hippogriff looking back at her. She gave it a warm smile. It seemed very friendly. Looking around the rest of the glade, she saw none other than Mat’Selsnya themselves! She was shocked that they would actually be this far from the world tree. Cillena looked at Micheron and saw that he was smiling too. This place was lovely.

Mat’Selesnya walked towards them and started to change shape, turning into a Dimir agent. He walked up to the centaurs and waited expectantly. Cillena looked at him questioningly. There was something wrong about this, but Cillena couldn’t put her hoof on it. The agent laughed and turned towards the darkness. Cillena didn’t even notice how dark it was back there.

“Come, child, there are no more hunters waiting for you.” A massive black shape, filled with teeth and malice stepped from behind the trees. Cillena paused to take in its form. At the back of her mind, she knew she needed to stop it, but couldn’t help but just stare. It didn’t pose any threat why should she attack it? It lingered over the centaurs, it’s hot breath brushing down on them from multiple angles. “Another time, child, come with me”. And together they walked out of the glen. Cillena sat down on the ground and began admiring the Hippogriff. Not even the screams behind her could distract her from the hippogriff and its majestic beauty.

The vedalkens made a home out of the Leveler. Myrs surrounded the group as they tore parts out and made the massive construct into their home. Omutt was happy, he had finally found a home for his people, and Memnarch couldn’t do a thing about it unless he was willing to come himself. The Torpor Orb, as they decided to call it, did a wonderful job protecting the group. Not only did it have the power to stop the mighty Levelers, but it could also stop the common beast that would on occasion try to attack them.

“Omutt, you have to check this out” Utilitan handed a telescope to Omutt and he peered to the horizon. Snaking above the mountaintops was a new mechanical beast, a massive flying machine.

“Looks like Memnarch has been in the lab”. Omutt closed the telescope. “No matter, the Torpor Orb should make quick work of the new leviathan.” Utilitan nodded and walked away. Omutt looked out and saw even more myr than before watching him. It seemed that their numbers had doubled. Omutt glanced upwards to see that the Orb was still in action and went under the surface.

The creature floated ever closer. Omutt started to think that he should probably evacuate his people, in case the Orb doesn’t work but changed his mind at the last minute. The leviathan wouldn’t come close unless they were already here. Omutt couldn’t stand waiting, and hoping that the Orb would work and stepped outside. A harsh storm raged around Omutt, and the creature was close. Omutt looked at it and analyzed the machinework of the leviathan. It was then that he realized with horror that Memnarch had added lightning rods to the machine. Omutt ran inside the ruined remains of the Leveler as the Torpor Orb shot a massive bolt of electricity at the machine. It glowed with energy and directed it all into a massive blast aimed right at Omutt. A myr looked at Omutt, the relection of his face, twisted in agony, glowing in the small lens.

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