Blink and You’ll Mill It: Thassa, Deep-Dweller in Standard

Who doesn’t love an indestructible build-around enchantment? Every one of the Theros gods has been incredibly fun to build around, and the most recently spoiled Thassa is no exception. We haven’t had Conjurer’s Closet in Standard since, well, Conjurer’s Closet was in Standard. However this time, Conjurer’s Closet grew some very beefy fins and isn’t afraid to smack people with her bident spear-thing.

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What exactly will we be flickering with Thassa? Well if you managed to get this far without reading the title, suffice to say I’m impressed. Wizards have had a lot of fun in the past year of limited, printing cards that make people miserable when they realize they have no more cards left to draw in their library. Mill has never been as supported as it is now, and fortunately for us its on a lot of creatures.

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Normally, when constructing a flicker deck you want to include cards that generate value in some way, create a stronger board presence, or gain you some life. In this deck, if it says “target player puts the top x cards of their library in their graveyard” sleeve it up, and ship it out because that’s all we care about! Unfortunately, since there are pesky rules preventing me from playing 40 Merfolk Secretkeepers, I had to get a little more creative. (Throne of Eldraine draft on Arena is a perfect format with no issues whatsoever).

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Magic as Doctor Garfield Intended

One of my favorite cards in this deck is actually a kitchen table classic from when I first started playing Magic all the way back in 2014, Sage’s Row Denizen. I don’t think I actually killed anyone with it but when you are desperate for cards that mill and have no idea TCGPlayer exists, you work with what you got. In this deck, however, the Denizen is upgraded into being a scary threat that only gets worse the more of them you have on the battlefield. Get two of these and a Teferi’s Time Twist and you are in middling value town!

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The goal of this deck is to be the ultimate late game deck. With so many 0/4’s it is going to be hard for your opponent to break through your defenses. Mill their Embercleaves and you’ll have nothing else to worry about. Playing the long con against this deck is impossible as once 30 cards get in their graveyard they need to kill you quick. And the more time you give this deck to build up pieces, the faster their library will evaporate.

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If you want a budget deck for the upcoming Theros season, this could be a great deck for you. It’s not incredibly competitive, but Thassa might get a lot cheaper once product hits the shelf. Without the god in the deck, this deck is 25 dollars and most of the cards you could probably pick up from draft chaff or the common bin. (Wouldn’t be surprised to find Mesmerizing Benthid in the common bin either). If you’ve been waiting for the day that Drowned Secrets is finally broken in Standard I’m going to say that this ain’t it chief. But if you want to reminisce on the days where Sage’s Row Denizen was the coolest common on the block, this is the deck for you.

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