50 Plot Hooks for Theros

Theros is a beloved plane of Magic: the Gathering, and with the most recent Dungeons and Dragons book it can now be a setting for hundreds of campaigns to take place in the future. In order to help Dungeon Masters, both old and new, I decided to make a list showcasing 50 different plot hooks featuring the Greek inspired plane of Theros.

Heliod, God of the Sun

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  1. A hydra has taken residence in the temple of Nylea. The priests are ok with it but the locals aren’t. 
  2. The Queen of the Harpies is about to be crowned and the gathering needs fresh meat. The nearby town will suffice.
  3. Anax the king of Akros has been brought a shield that is said to be blessed by the Gods, and unable to be wielded by mortals. The king has offered a sizable reward to anyone who can lift it. 
  4. A demon has arrived at the announcement of a Princess’ intention to wed. She has devised a series of tests to find her spouse. The demon will win, handily, but be denied the Princess’ hand. A war follows. 
  5. A minotaur approaches the party. Apparently some local hotshot of a warrior stole his families labyrinth and he wants their help getting it back
  6. A warship just landed on the outskirts of town. This warship is manned by a group of returned zombies. 
  7. A most intriguing rumor is sweeping the countryside. Apparently there is a gorgon whose gaze or touch turns men to gold.
  8. A massive Kraken is attacking a small island city home to an important treasure the party must recover before the island sinks. The only way on or off the island is by way of a crazy inventor and his “wax wings”
  9. A strange woman approaches the party and gives them a pouch and tells them not to open it under any circumstances.
  10. A gorgon has been sighted deep in the wilderness. They say it’s a floating head speaking in unknown tongues, and is capable of shooting lasers from it’s eyes.
  11. One of the returned somehow escaped the underworld with fragmented memories of his previous life and enlists the party’s help to discover the truth of these memories and come to terms with his new existence.
  12. A giant has been collecting dozens of soldiers and refuses to release them.
  13. A statue has awoken in the temple of Iroas and claims that anyone who defeats it will be granted a great boon.
  14. An ancient underwater city has been discovered off the coast of Meletis, but the Triton who live there fiercely guard it and it’s secrets. 
  15. A cult wishes to revive Xenagos and is trying to hold revels in his honor again.
  16. The party encounters a deranged satyr who is convinced Nylea is using him as a prophet/vessel, he tries to convince them to pledge their loyalty to the goddess by performing a ritual at her temple.
  17. A local sculptor’s creation has come to life and is rampaging across a town. The town wants it destroyed, but the sculptor thinks you can persuade it to calm down. If you speak to it, you find that the sculpture has a grudge against the sculptor.
  18. Rumor has it there is a legendary weaver and seamstress who can make the most exquisite clothes and the lightest but most protective armor. Some say her clothes even have magical properties. Problem is, she’s a giant spider and just as likely to eat you up instead of do business with you.
  19. Erebos dragged the prince down to the underworld instead of her dead father. 
  20. An invincible soldier is tearing through the ranks. It is up to the party to discover their weakness.
  21. A squealing pig runs into the town wearing the robes of a high ranking official. 
  22. The party discovers an island that seems to be too good to be true, and is extremely difficult to leave willingly. 
  23. The Iroan games have begun, but one of the most famous competitors have gone missing.
  24. An individual in the city has offended Thassa, so she sent a Leviathan to destroy the city. 
  25. A Flamespeaker Oracle has been trapped in the mountain after receiving dire information concerning Purphoros. 
  26. In the underworld, a man asks the party to help him roll a rock up a hill.
  27. The party is given a vase that contains the light of Heliod, and are told to bring it to a nearby temple without breaking it. 
  28. The local statue of Ephara has been vandalized.
  29. King Brimaz has asked for an audience with the king of Akros. The party is sent to deliver a message that simply says “No”. 
  30. A sphinx has stopped all passage in and out of a town until her riddle is solved.
  31. A very important person has just died, and Athreos will not let anything happen with their passage to the underworld. 
  32. A great treasure is rumored to be in Deathbellow Canyon.
  33. A Satyr meets the party and asks for help locating the location of the next revel.
  34. The priest of Iroas has become too old for battle, and decided to hold a bout to decide the next priest. 
  35. Tritons have decided that an important trading route is now a holy site and no one is allowed to pass.
  36. The priests of Karametra predict that the next year will yield very few crops, and suspect that the goddess may be upset with them in some way. 
  37. The fury of Mogis has taken over a tribe of Minotaurs who are terrorizing the countryside. 
  38. A priest of Phenax offers the party with great boons, and forgets to mention the strings that come along with it. 
  39. A mask of a returned is going for sale in the local market. The seller refuses to say how she got it. 
  40. The party stumbles upon a part of the forest where the shadows glow with the starlight of nyx.
  41. The priests of Keranos demand judgment on the town, and a thunderstorm approaches.
  42. The Pheres Warband believes that the humans have trespassed onto their territory and deserve to be crushed.
  43. An eidolon rises from the foe the party just defeated. 
  44. A massive beast sets up it’s lair near town, but hasn’t attacked anyone yet.
  45. A supposed madman claims that he can see a trail placed by Kruphix. 
  46. A friend of the party has been poisoned, but they are not in favor with the temple of Pharika.
  47. The Eidolon of Discipline wants to teach the party a lesson.
  48. The threads of Klothys are forcing a town to completely change in order to fit their destiny.
  49. A Planeswalker approaches the party and asks for directions. 
  50. A Setessan band of warriors ambushes the party and warns them that if they step any closer they will become criminals.
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