Mono Blue Spirits League Analysis

Hello and welcome to Only On Tuesdays! I recently made two YouTube videos where I play Mono Blue Spirits through a league and analyze my gameplay. I try to focus on the mistakes I made and how I could have played differently to have maybe won the game. If you’re interested in Mono Blue Spirits I hope these videos are helpful for you. The video quality isn’t great (and honestly neither is the gameplay) but I still think these can be a valuable resource.

In both of these videos I only went 2-3 which is below average especially for a deck with these kinds of strengths. However, this is a good set of leagues to analyze because the mistakes I made provide great learning opporotunities. If I were to play the deck again one of the main changes I would make would be to include four copies of Slip Out the Back which is quickly proving to be one of the most important cards from Streets of New Capenna for this archetype. I would have played another Streets of New Capenna card in Unliscensed Hearse, but at the time of recording it was 10 tix on MTGO for one copy which was outside of my rental limit.

I hope to upload more videos in the future! I’m very excited about the potential that spirits has as an archetype especially in Pioneer, and I plan on uploading videos from both MTGO and Arena. If this content does well I may even consider playing other decks and hopefully upgrading my equipment. Now that I’m done with school I hope that I can get back to making consistent content. If you’d like to talk to me about this archetype you can write a comment or message me on the spirits discord which you can join by following this link.

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