One Hundred Plot Hooks for Eberron

Recently, I began my first game in Eberron and I have fallen in love with the world. No other D&D setting has captured my imagination more than this one. If you’re thinking of starting a game in Eberron, or just need some plot hooks for a fantasy dungeon-punk style world here is one hundred plot hooks for Eberron!

A plot hook for Eberron may include boarding a lightning train.

What is Eberron?

Eberron is a Dungeons and Dragons setting created by Keith Baker. Eberron can be described as a Dungeon Punk setting which according to TV Tropes is “a Punk genre that applies the gritty tone of Cyberpunk and Steampunk to a Heroic Fantasy setting.” (TV Tropes Dungeon Punk). The world is recovering from the shadow of a 100 year long war that ended in a magical disaster known as the Mourning, destroying an entire nation. Tensions still remain high and evil forces move in the shadows to further their own schemes. The world is in need of heroes, even if those heroes may be flawed.

This table is intended to be used as inspiration for your D&D campaigns. It will mainly apply to campaigns set in the world of Eberron, however, feel free to roll on this table and adapt it to your setting as needed. If something doesn’t quite fit the tone of your campaign use the ideas presented here as a seed to create your own unique story with your players. Set the following dice roller to d100 and discover what kind of adventures await in the world of Eberron!

Number of dice

Type of die:



Follow this link for an interactive map of Eberron.

One Hundred Plot Hooks For Eberron

D100Plot hooks for eberron
1An ancient wizard who was alive during the Dhakaani empire, built their tower next to a manifest zone of Thelanis, the Faerie Court. As long as the mage stays within range of the manifest zone they scarcely age.
2A large contingent of ex-soldiers, primarily warforged, are gearing up for a coup in Griffonclaw. A tabaxi named Thunder is leading them.
3A group of treasure hunters asks the party to travel with them to Metrol, the ghostly capitol of Cyre. The Mourning has prevented it from being looted so far.
4A glamourweave fashion show is being held at Fairhaven castle in Aundair. The party was invited by one of the fashion designers to serve as models.
5A community of werewolves are being blackmailed by pirates. They have to raid towns or else their location will be given to Silver Flame extremists.
6A thief has stolen an artifact that has part of the draconic prophecy written on it. They can be traced back to Graywall in Droaam.
7A gnome in Zilargo has made a fortune from a string of good business decisions. Their office is connected to Syrania, the Azure Sky which has been giving them incredible luck.
8The city council of Sharn is about to elect a new Lord Mayor. One of the candidates approaches the party to ask for a favor regarding their campaign.
9An Inspired, under the influence of the Dreaming Dark, has put an entire city to sleep and is forcing them to dream for an unknown reason.
10An eccentric man who owns a menagerie of dangerous creatures such as Displacer Beasts and Bulletes is willing to pay you handsomely to move his monsters discreetely.
11A half-orc with the mark of finding rests a pick-axe on his shoulder. “I’ll tell you what, do any of you want to go dragonshard hunting with me.”
12A town under the influence of Daanvi, the Plane of Perfect Order, has residents who follow all laws placed on them. The mayor of the town has gone mad with the power.
13A Bladesinger from the Undying Court has come to Khorvaire to warn of doomsday.
14A pack of clawfoot dinosaurs have lost their riders. The dinosaurs seem to be trying to get people to follow them.
15A Copper Dragon has landed on a nearby mountain to study stars that may concern the Draconic Prophecy. They are not taking kindly to visitors at this time.
16A cult hidden deep in the Eldeen Reaches are attacking a manifest zone to Thelanis. A sole gatekeeper druid is the only thing standing in their way.
17An arcane workshop has secretly continued production of Warforged. A Karrnathi warlord is where most of the soldiers are being sent to.
18House Orien needs to know the secrets behind House Lyrandar’s airship design, and will go to any means to get it.
19A phoenix egg needs to be taken to a manifest zone to Fernia, the Sea of Fire or else it will burn the surrounding mile when it hatches.
20A cult has been discovered worshipping an Elder Brain. They have been infecting people on the surface with tadpoles.
21A member of House Medani bearing the dragonmark of detection approaches the party and whispers “You’re being followed.”
22A noble approaches the party. They are wearing eight rings which identifies them as a member of the Aurum, a cabal of wealthy and influential nobility. They offer the party thousands of gold in exchange for retrieving a Xen’drik relic from a rival.
23A previously dormant manifest zone to Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead is acting strangely. The gatekeeper druid of the area is concerned and seeks the partys help.
24A crime syndicate is stealing powerful and ancient artifacts one by one. The clues point towards Rakshasa influence.
25A blade from Shavarath, the Battleground can be won in gladiatorial combat. The tournament is being hosted by an angel from the plane who will offer the winner a chance to fight for eternal glory in the realm of Shavarath.
26An old warforged titan buried underneath rubble lays dormant until the party reawaken it.
27Thousands are traveling to Greenheart for a centennial druidic ceremony. However, manifest zones to Thelanis, the Feywild threaten the safety of the guests.
28A disturbing number of people in Vathirond near the mourning have gone missing. Paranoia about the “fog monster” begins to set in.
29As the dwarves of the Mror Holds push further into Daelkyr territories, a fanatacism to delve deeper and destroy the Daelkyr at the source begins to take hold.
30Zorlan of Korth is giving weapons to members of House Cannith for free. The other barons of the house ask the party to investigate.
31The wealthy Finch Family, who live on the outskirts of Zarash’ak, have had multiple people disappear near their home.
32There have been an unusual amount of avalanches in the Ironroot mountains. A local dwarf claims that he saw a four armed giant causing them.
33The party somehow finds themselves in the crossfire of a gang dispute over Dragon’s Blood in the lower levels of Sharn.
34Light from all sources begins to fail in a town near the Mournland.
35The party is approached by a goblin who has heard of them. She is on the run from the Great Crag because she was framed for a crime she didn’t commit.
36The Argonth, the flying fortress, has been redeployed to the border of Breland and Droaam. The Daughters of Sora Kell intrepret this as a preliminary act of war.
37New Cyre has been infected with a plague that has overwhelmed the clerics.
38A clever kobold in Wroat has a scheme to steal from the wealthy. They plan to redstribute the wealth in the streets.
39An excorciate halfling exiled from House Jorasco, is creating a cure all panacea. Her methods rely on something within the Mournland and are disturbing.
40House Lyrandar is inviting adventuring parties from across the world to Stormhome, a magical vacation destination, all expenses paid.
41A Firbolg who swears himself to Balinor, Sovereign of Horn and Hunt tries to convert the party.
42There are rumors that at the abandoned church in Fairhaven there is a secret underground passage. Apparently there has been signs of activity at the church recently.
43A sect of the Order of the Emerald Claw is rumored to be operating out of the woods of the Nightwood in Karrnath. Signs point to them being dangerously close to summoning something.
44A traveling wandslinger slighted by a party member, challenges them to a duel at sunset and leaves a wand on the table.
45A professor at Arcanix has asked the party to retrieve a strip of the Draconic Prophecy and return it to them.
46Dragon’s Blood addicts are on the rise in Sharn. This variant of the drug is making people very aggressive.
47The Korranberg Chronicles reported on the Boromar clan, leading to the arrests of several members. The party learns that the writer is in danger.
48A leading officer in the Redcloak Battalion of Breland is itching for a fight. They begin leading an attack force to Droaam.
49A Karrnathi general has suddenly gone missing. Many suspect Thrane to be behind it.
50The Znir Pact, also known as the gnolls of Droaam, have begun to convert to the Church of the Silver Flame. Many gnolls feels this goes against the pact of bowing to no one.
51A member of House Vadalis has recently passed away. His friendly Bullete companion named Bill has been captured by animal traffickers.
52A Cannith warforged facility is rumored to still be in operation deep in the Mournland. The Lord of Blades has been sighted in the area.
53All 13 moons will be full tonight. A festival is being held, but there are rumors that a cult of the dragon below is up to something.
54Trappers in House Vedalis plan to make an excursion into Lamannia, the Twilight Forest. They are trying to capture an apex Owlbear.
55The party have been sharing dreams the past few nights. They are slowly turning into nightmares.
56An Aundarian journalist holds a key piece of evidence, but won’t divulge it until the party take them to the scene. This puts them in incredible danger.
57A Black Dragon has decided to lair near Zarash’ak in the Shadow Marshes and occasionally attacks ships going into and leaving the port.
58A cult within the Emerald Claw has been tricking members into becoming thralls of a vampire.
59A massive glowing stone has appeared over Ashtakala in the Demon Wastes. Draconic members of the Chamber begin to take flight to the city.
60A lightning rail is carrying priceless cargo. The party learns about an upcoming heist set to happen that night.
61A small earthquake rocks the lower levels of the Cogs in Sharn. Residents claim that it’s getting hotter down there.
62A mad scientist is trying to get to space from the deck of an airship. He’s shockingly close to succeeding but the airship doesn’t seem like it can take another test flight.
63Warforged have been disappearing for weeks at a time, and then come back claiming they have been upgraded.
64While traveling up a mountain path you come across a horizontal hole in the mountain. It’s perfectly cylindrical but upon closer inspection it looks like a very intricate pattern lines the walls.
65A Kalashtar has fallen into a coma. The Quori spirit in the body has become a prophet.
66A Blue Dragon in the Blade Desert has begun researching what caused the Mourning. They are close to discovering how to replicate it.
67Citizens of Flamekeep in Thrane are beginning preparations for a holy day celebration. One of the cardinals has mysteriously gone missing before the celebrations can begin.
68Giants are gathering in the ruins of Obsidian City in Xen’drik. There is a population of Drow who live there now.
69Rhesh Turakbar, a minotaur warlord in Droaam, has begun using the demonic Goristro in his raids on Brelish villages.
70Cobalt-blue ice that is always cold and can’t melt begins to appear on the black market. Magic detects that the ice comes from Risia, the Plane of Ice.
71A traveling Myconid merchant has a cart filled with wacky magical items for sale. He accepts payment in the form of rare mushrooms found in the local woods.
72An artificer’s steel defender, shaped like an alligator, has ran off into a dungeon. It seemed like it was looking for something.
73A living spell of Immolation has escaped containment from an arcane house! If it isn’t stopped it will burn the entire city down.
74In the ruins of Korash Kher, near Graywall in Droaam, there are rumors of a powerful Dhakaani artifact. The fortress is cursed, however, and none who enter have left so far.
75A wealthy noble in Sharn requests the party to join them on their airship for some tea. While up in the sky they will make an offer the party can’t refuse
76Morgrave University is funding an expedition to Xen’drik to find lost relics. Any other loot that is plundered can be kept by the party.
77Today is Brightblade, a holy day celebrating Dol Durn God of combat. However, a famous warrior died in a practice bout this morning.
78A githzerai monastery in Kythri, the Churning Chaos holds vital information to the parties quest.
79A legion of frozen skeletons land on the northern shores of Karrnath and begin clashing with the undead armies there.
80A cult that worships survivors of the Mourning has been gaining power. A powerful sorcerer is beginning to organize them under their control.
81A Greensinger revel goes too far and an Aundairian noble who was in attendance has gone missing. The family believes there was foul play.
82The party hears an explosion! A bank heist is happening a few levels above them in Sharn.
83A member of the Daask gang is holding a character the party cares about hostage. They say they can be found at Kyber’s Gate inside the ancient goblin ruins below Sharn.
84An item the players need can be found in the black markets of Black Pit in Breland. However, instead of gold the seller wants a favor.
85Kreelo, head of the Dark Daggers gang in Fairhaven, is supposedly planning to crash a gala in a few days.
86A manifest zone to Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead has appeared in Lake Dark and it is growing fast.
87The players stumble upon an ancient crypt, it has recently been looted. A sign reading “WARNING – Absolutely do not open, do not let it out” hangs to the side, broken.
88A local authority has been exposed as a changeling. The residents of the town become paranoid not knowing who could be the mayor.
89The party need to investigate a supposedly dead warforged colossus. When they go inside it turns back on.
90A Brelish spy is attempting to open a manifest zone to Irian, the Eternal Dawn. Doing so would weaken the undead armies in Karrnath.
91A gatekeeper druid needs protection when traveling to the Duskwood in Aundair. Ancient curses that were reawakened threaten the forest
92The party needs to steal a dress from renowned Aundairian a renowned fashion designer who specializes in glamourweave.
93A goblin is raising a growing militia of other goblins by recounting tales of the Dhakaani Empire’s ancient glory.
94A dragonmarked halfling gifts the party with a new and improved Ghallanda™ Traveling Mansion! An old spirit roams the halls of this mysterious manor.
95A medusa and a humanoid have fallen in love. When the humanoid goes missing the medusa is blamed for it and needs the party to clear her name.
96An orange cloud has been spotted floating around in the nearby forest and townsfolk say they can hear it singing, but those who seem to have interacted with it can’t recall the experience.
97A follower of the church of the Silver Flame needs help performing a religious ritual. There are a few things that seem off about the ritual.
98A Beholder has set up it’s lair in a cave touched by Xoriat, the Realm of Madness. It is trying to obtain a specimen of every species and has kidnapped someone close to the players.
99Lights have been appearing over the lake at night, but even stranger, lights seem to be responding from under the surface of the water.
100A Gold Dragon and a Rakshasa are hunting after the same piece of the Draconic Prophecy.
Thank you Astral Mongoose and Dioiioib for your contributions!

I hope you can find a use for one hundred plot hooks for Eberron. If you are interested in other tables please refer to my Random Tables for Dungeons and Dragons page for more links such as 100 Plot Hooks for Ravnica. Leave a comment for any setting or topic you would like to see covered in a future article!

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A warforged paladin and a half-elf artificer begin to follow a plot hook for Eberron.

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