Character Crisis

I play competitive Super Smash Bros Ultimate and I’m suffering from a Character Crisis. When I first picked up the game in 2018 I was told to choose one fighter, and main them, learning the game through their perspective. For the last four years I have played primarily one character, Princess Daisy, and I have learned a lot. But Smash Bros Ultimate is one of the biggest fighting games of all time with 86 unique playable characters. Could I be missing out on someone?

For as long as it takes I intend on maining each character in the game, learning the game through their eyes, and then testing those skills at my weekly local. If you’d like to join me on this journey, you can subscribe on YouTube or sign up for email notifications on my blog. When it’s time to move onto a new character I’ll post a poll on my Twitter to decide who’s next. Welcome to Character Crisis.

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Mario – Character Crisis

Everyone knows Mario! The plucky plumber who’s saved Princess Peach a dozen times is here to smash. This famous all-rounder was the perfect character to start this series with.

Donkey Kong – Character Crisis

Arcade cabinet antagonist turned into beloved Nintendo icon, Donkey Kong has always been a fan-favorite in Smash. Many would consider DK to be a bad character in Smash, but his strengths far outshine his weaknesses.

Kazuya – Character Crisis

Kazuya Mishima, who hails from Tekken has now brought his fury to Smash. For the most deadly character in all of Smash’s history, Kazuya has many flaws that may not be apparent at first.


Link Character Crisis

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Steve Character Crisis

Steve – Coming Soon


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