Dominaria Standard: Seeking Saprolings

It’s Tuesday O’Clock! Time for a Deck Tech!

Seeking Saprolings Decklist

A few days ago I was playing Magic Online with my Hailfire Engine deck and I eventually stumbled upon the user DonnyDont. He was playing a really sweet saproling tribal deck, and we had a fun match where I was able to fire off a Torment of Hailfire for X = 62, and he was able to pummel me with his army of saprolings. Ultimately, he won the match, but his deck intrigued me as it wasn’t a typical GB saproling list, and it had a lot of awesome cards in it. I asked DonnyDont if I could write about it and he said that was ok, so he sent me a decklist and it is even sweeter than I had originally thought. Here’s Seeking Saprolings, and thanks again to DonnyDont for letting me write on it!

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Initially Seeking Saprolings seems like a very basic saproling tribal deck. You look to flood the board with as many saprolings as possible and go so wide that your opponent can’t deal with your fungus army. Then through the use of cards such as Sporecrown Thallid, and Tendershoot Dryad, you make your saprolings huge and swing for a million. As good of a gameplan as this is, it is easy to disrupt given the right cards. There are a ton of board wipes available in Standard right now, and cards like Fumigate and Settle the Wreckage can wipe you back to the stone age.

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That’s where a few unique additions from DonnyDont can help this deck. One card that a lot of people initially brushed off does wonders in Donny’s deck, and that is Path of Discovery. Path of Discovery gives this deck a surprising amount of card advantage that can rival even some of the best control decks in our standard. With 2 or more saprolings entering the battlefield each turn, you can churn through your deck really quickly getting you to the right cards you need for any match. Combine this with a Wildgrowth Walker, and you can gain so much life that aggro decks won’t even be able to scratch you. In the games that we played, DonnyDont was able to easily get to 50 life with the combo of Path of Discovery and Wildgrowth Walker. It was pretty hard to come back once he had gained so much life, and had drawn so many cards.

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Another hidden gem in this deck that I don’t think many people are considering right now would have to be Song of Freyalise. This unassuming enchantment can power out so much of the deck, and leave your opponent facing down a lethal force of saprolings if they aren’t able to answer it in 2 turns. With the amount of saprolings that this deck is able to produce, it is very easy to generate enough mana to dump your entire hand in time for the final chapter of this saga to go off. Turning all of your saprolings indestructible makes it so blocking is a nightmare for your opponent, and vigilance makes it impossible for them to crack back easily. Once you fire off the Song of Freyalise, it’s very hard for your opponent to come back into the game.

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And one of my favorite parts about the deck is just how cheap it is. Take out a few of the expensive lands and the Vraska’s Contempts in the sideboard and the deck becomes as cheap as 10 Tix online! It’s really easy to upgrade too and is a sweet saproling tribal deck with a lot of lines of play to it. If you want to swarm the board, and overwhelm your opponents with the most fun guys in magic, then this is the deck for you.

If you would like to have your deck featured on this blog, be sure to message me on Reddit /u/TuesdayTastic or on Twitter @TuesdayTastic. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great week, and an amazing Tuesday!

Seeking Saprolings Decklist

Seeking Saprolings


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