One Hundred Plot Hooks for Ravnica

If you’re in need of one hundred plot hooks for Ravnica you are in the right place! Each one of these plot hooks involves a pairing of one of two guilds and the conflict that may ensue from  that.

D100 Ravnica Plot Hooks

1. Azorius – Boros: A Wojek wants to put his Lawmage friend into power. Together they heckle the Golgari into rioting and then arrest the rioters, thus making the lawmage look exceptionally good.
2. Azorius – Dimir: Several Lawmages have lost all of their memories. A mind drinker vampire has gone rogue in an effort to become Lazav’s right-hand vampire.
3. Azorius – Golgari: A Medusa is going around petrifying various Azorius senators. She wants to challenge Vraska and become the new queen.
4. Azorius – Gruul: A druid is manipulating the wildlife to attack Azorius neighborhoods. She wants to show Borborygmos that she is ready to challenge him.
5. Azorius – Izzet: An Izzet spellcaster had the great idea to clone himself. The clones escaped, and are now causing a legal headache, and they no longer know who the original is.
6. Azorius – Orzhov: An unusually quick-witted Orzhov giant is running for office so that he can legalize his criminal activities, which he is doing in the pursuit of immortality.
7. Azorius – Rakdos: Word spreads that a retiring performer wants to go out with a bang, and their final performance promises to clean out the “Chamber Pot” (New Prahv, home of the Azorius Senate).
8. Azorius – Simic: A Simic researcher has been taking various lawmages, and experimenting on them, in order to discover the secret to unbinding the law magic surrounding a powerful magic item.
9. Azorius – Selesnya: A crazed prophet is angry at the Azorius for not bending to the laws of nature, and deserve to be wiped out in Trostani’s name. Trostani does not exactly agree with this.
10. Azorius – Azorius: A disillusioned judge is letting anything go, including the sanctioning of Rakdos murder-fests, as long as they pay the right price.

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11. Boros – Azorius: An Azorius lawmage wants to become the sole proprietor of capturing adjunct criminals, after witnessing the escape of Krenko while he was being transported from one prison to another.
12. Boros – Boros: A crazed angel demands to be worshipped as a god. Aurelia is not pleased.
13. Boros – Dimir: A “Rakdos” cultist is killed, and is taken in for evidence. His lover wants him back. After speaking with the Orzhov, they offer to bring him back if a 5 for 1 soul ratio is met.
14. Boros – Golgari: A kraul death priest seeks to revive the Nephillim. The summoning grounds are underneath Sunhome. Kraul have been joining the Legion in record numbers as of late.
15. Boros – Gruul: The Gruul have torn down the 4th garrison stationed in the Rubblebelt. They must be up to something.
16. Boros – Izzet: “Yeah, we kind of have a problem. A self-evolving weird is on its way to Zonot-Seven. If it gets in a Simic laboratory, well…”
17. Boros – Orzhov: An Orzhov knight had assets locked up in a Simic experiment gone illegal, and the Boros have kept the jewels as evidence.
18. Boros – Rakdos: An infamous skeleton ringleader needs new bones. He is holding a gladiator pit to get a new set. The Boros send in a sting team to this gladiator pit.
19. Boros – Selesnya: The Selesnya challenge the 31st legion Skyjeks to a race. As the Boros begin to win, the previously imprisoned Selesnyans begin to cheat.
20. Boros – Simic: The Simic wish to replace the Izzet as the tech and weapon supplier of the Boros. They start churning out inventions and quality control goes down. This leads to some dangerous mishaps.

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21. Dimir – Azorius: A vengeful imperator is pulling all the stops to attempt to get a warrant to search Duskmantle. (As specified in the guildpact with 100% vote in favor). She wishes to confiscate any magical items she comes across.
22. Dimir – Boros: An Angel commander believes that there is a Dimir agent in their midst, and is willing to purge the entire garrison to eliminate the spy.
23. Dimir – Dimir: A Dimir mindmage has been caught offering sacrifices to Rakdos. He is now hunting down and memory wiping everyone who witnessed this event.
24. Dimir – Golgari: A Devkarin Lich desires the information that the Dimir possess. He develops a mind-controlling fungus, in an attempt to infiltrate Dimir.
25. Dimir – Gruul: A Dimir shapeshifter sells out a Centaurs gang to the Azorius. He wishes to break them out of jail, to get revenge on this Dimir agent who was previously a part of their gang.
26. Dimir – Izzet: A Dimir agent begins working with an unsanctioned Izzet genius, who is currently working on a alchemical formula that will revolutionize agriculture. However, this is causing a series of ever-worsening laboratory mishaps.
27. Dimir – Orzhov: An Orzhov Pontiff has knowledge of several Dimir missions. The only reason she isn’t reporting it, is because the Dimir are still paying an exorbitantly high price. The Dimir wish for the payments to end.
28. Dimir – Rakdos: Flyers have begun spreading around the city advertising a Rakdos magician. In big bold red ink are the words “And for my next trick, I will make Duskmantle appear!”
29. Dimir – Selsenya: A Selesnya splinter group calling themselves “The Stake of Truth” seek to eradicate the vampire menace in the city, and have been surprisingly in their efforts.
30. Dimir – Simic: A Biomancer has created the perfect predator of shapeshifters. (Use the stats for Invisible Stalker to represent this creature).

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31. Golgari – Azorius: A sadistic warden tortures Golgari prisoners, due to bigotry and in the name of the law.
32. Golgari – Boros: Hazardous laboratories across Ravnica have been shut down by a overzealous Boros captain. This is creating a shortage of bodies for the Golgari.
33. Golgari – Dimir: A Dimir agent disguised as a Rakdos ringleader discovers a mushroom that induces rage in its participants. They proceed to raid fungal farms in Golgari territory.
34. Golgari – Golgari: A Kraul warrior begins to believe that Svogthar, the original Golgari Parun, has begun speaking to him telling him that he needs to cleanse the undercity. He gathers a warband of Kraul and begins his raids.
35. Golgari – Gruul: To prove that they are worthy of joining a clan, a giant has started a rampage in the undercity in search of a medusa’s head.
36. Golgari – Izzet: A team of inventors are in the process of creating a volatile herbicide that will wipe out the undercity.
37. Golgari – Orzhov: An Orzhov spirit has taken over a troll, in an effort to force people into paying its debts for it.
38. Golgari – Rakdos: A demon wants to garner influence over the undercity, and is courting the daughter of a very important lich. The rest of the Golgari are suspcious of this demon’s interest in the undercity.
39. Golgari – Selesnya: A Selesnyan serial killer lures victims into the undercity, where they can trap them with vines and suffocate them. The blame is pinned on the Golgari.
40. Golgari – Simic: A researcher creates a moss that threatens to destroy much of the city’s food production. They plan to sell their new tribble like creature, as an alternative food source.

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41. Gruul – Azorius: A vengeful imperator persecutes the Gruul, in retaliation for a Gruul raid that killed his parents. parents. She seeks to end the Gruul permanently through the use of a viral contagion.
42. Gruul – Boros: A rogue giant believes the Gruul are a stain on society and need to be destroyed. He believes that the soul of Razia is driving him towards his ultimate goal, and has declared war on the Gruul.
43. Gruul – Dimir: A Shapeshifter has replaced one of the A Shapeshifter has replaced one of the chieftians and is provoking civil war among the clans.
44. Gruul – Golgari: An Ochran Assassin is killing members of the Gruul Clan in order to win favor among her fellow members in House Ochran. She specializes in making sure those bodies can never be found.
45. Gruul – Gruul: A newer chieftian who has very few feats to his name, is challenging Borborygmos to a fight. There have been rumors that he has cheated his way to get this far.
46. Gruul – Izzet: In direct opposition of the Gruul druids, an Izzet wizard is creating a device that can alter the weather on a large scale basis. The Rubblebelt has been the testing grounds for this new device.
47. Gruul – Orzhov: An Orzhov knight challenges a Gruul chieftian so that he may reobtain his ancestors ancient sword, which is rumored to have magic that allows it’s user to leave the plane.
48. Gruul – Rakdos: A Rakdos Hypnotist has gained control of an entire clan, which he is using to destroy the targets of his choosing.
49. Gruul – Selesnya: A crazed loxodon evangel is preying upon people in the Rubblebelt, and torturing them until they decide to join the conclave.
50. Gruul – Simic: A Simic researcher has been capturing members of the Gruul, and experimenting on them to the point that they become slaves to him. He then shrouds their true identity through the use of biomancy.

51. Izzet – Azorius: A Precognitve Mage has started to invent visions to frame Izzet inventors that she stalks, in order to advance more quickly through the Azorius ranks.
52. Izzet – Boros: A squad of corrupt Boros soldiers are extorting Izzet inventors to get them cheaper and better weapons and threaten to jail anyone who does not comply.
53. Izzet – Dimir: A Dimir spy is attempting to get the secrets of an Izzet wizard who is attempting to discover imp an Izzet wizard who is attempting to discover immortality.
54. Izzet – Golgari: A beloved statue of a famous Izzet inventor suddenly returns to life after being petrified for a hundred years.
55. Izzet – Gruul: A clan chieftain leads a raid against an Izzet neighborhood as retaliation for their clan members being killed by a wayward weird.
56. Izzet – Izzet: A sabotuer has been destroying rival inventors shops in the hopes that hers will rise up to take their place.
57. Izzet – Orzhov: A blood drinker vampire is holding Izzet inventors hostage, and will only let them go if they come up with an invention that can constantly feed him or they get eaten.
58. Izzet – Rakdos: A Ringleader has seen an Izzet inventor carrying around a very expensive and explosive magic item, and needs it for his next show.
59. Izzet – Selesnya: A Selesnyan leader has been disrupting buildings, claiming they aren’t in harmony with nature. The truth is that she is getting paid on the side to target specific buildings so that a specific Izzet company can rise up the ranks faster.
60. Izzet – Simic: Simic researchers have challenged the Izzet to a Pokemon battle, and claim that their Krasis’ can defeat any Weird that the Izzet can invent.

ArtStation - Izzet Chemister, Svetlin Velinov
61. Orzhov – Azorius: An ambitious Lawmage is cracking down on Orzhov criminal activity. They must be silenced as quickly as possible.
62. Orzhov – Boros: A member of the Boros has not paid their debts as of late, however, they just recently got promoted to Wojek and threaten retaliation.
63. Orzhov – Dimir: A group of Dimir agents are plundering the minds of people who have knowledge of Vizkopa Bank.
64. Orzhov – Golgari: Several neighborhoods which are under Orzhov protection have started contracting a dangerous and contagious magical infection. All of these neighborhoods are especially poor and have to subsist off of Golgari food. They are demanding retribution.
65. Orzhov – Gruul: A Gruul clan lets it’s wurms loose upon Orzhov neighborhoods in an effort to destroy significant monuments.
66. Orzhov – Izzet: An Izzet researcher took more than he needed from the Orzhov and incurred a really massive debt. With the Orzhov coming to claim their debts, he starts setting off explosions in an effort to get away.
67. Orzhov – Orzhov: Thrulls that have broken free of Orzhov control are causing mischief. If the Obzedat were to discover this, there would be little hope for the owners.
68. Orzhov – Rakdos: A Rakdos festival begins to slander the Orzhov Syndicate, and the audience is really enjoying it. If they aren’t stopped soon, the Orzhov reputation will be shattered.
69. Orzhov – Selesnya: A group of Selesnyans feel as if the people are being oppressed, and begin to start a campaign to fight against the Orzhov. They pass out flyers, recruit members, and even stage attacks against them.
70. Orzhov – Simic: The Simic have begun experimenting on the local gargoyles, making them more sentient, and much more likely to disobey Orzhov orders.

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71. Rakdos – Azorius: A new law has just been passed that banned all public festivities. It’s time to show the boring Azorius what a real party looks like!
72. Rakdos – Boros: The Boros have come to stop the show, but what they don’t realize is that they are the main event!
73. Rakdos – Dimir: One of the ringleaders have caught wind of a Dimir spy in their ranks. Rather than killing him, he decides to let him plan the next event.
74. Rakdos – Golgari: We need a troll for the next performance. Or 2. Probably 5 actually.
75. Rakdos – Gruul: A recent performance on Borborygmos was not taken too kindly. Clans are beginning to gather up forces.
76. Rakdos – Izzet: Unintended explosions keep on happening at every performance. Find the perpetrator and bring him to the ringleader.
77. Rakdos – Orzhov: Any performance being held in Orzhov territory now has a tax associated with it. Not obeying the new tax laws usually means that ghosts will be attending the next show.
78. Rakdos – Rakdos: Another ringleader starts performing in someone else’s territory, and taking away her audience. She decides to put on a “heart stopping” performance for him.
79. Rakdos – Selesnya: A small group of Selesnyan soldiers misunderstand a performance, and are led to believe that the Rakdos will be attacking them soon. They decide to attack the Rakdos first.
80. Rakdos – Simic: In the middle of a performance, a caught Krasis changes back into a humanoid form. Upon finding out that one of their prized researchers have been captured, the Simic decide to organize a rescue mission.

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81. Selesnya – Azorius: An Archon of the Triumvirate believes that social gatherings lead to crimes, and has made such actions illegal. Anyone who disobeys is put into prison.
82. Selesnya – Boros: Boros soldiers set up a garrison to keep an eye on both the Gruul and the Selesnya.
83. Selesnya – Dimir: Spybugs have been coming in much larger and more obvious waves. This many drones is very unusual.
84. Selesnya – Golgari: Golgari spores are starting to claim old gardens, and have killed most of the plants there.
85. Selesnya – Gruul: A Gruul chieftian is upset at the way the Selesnyans treat their animals, and how they coddle them. He decides to send a few wurms their way to encourage natural selection.
86. Selesnya – Izzet: An Izzet inventor has set up a laboratory floating an inch above the Conclave’s grounds in order to avoid Azorius laws that prevent laboratories from being built on unsanctioned ground.
87. Selesnya – Orzhov: A coin has begun being passed around the conclave that has magic that puts any user of the coin in debt of the Orzhov.
88. Selesnya – Rakdos: The Rakdos are trying to hold a party on conclave grounds, and they aren’t taking no for an answer.
89. Selesnya – Selesnya: A prophet claiming to be the voice of Mat’Selesnya preaches that the Selesnyans need to go to war against the other guilds.
90. Selesnya – Simic: A sentient Krasis wishes to join the Selesnya conclave. He gets denied due to having tendencies for violent outbursts. He has a violent outburst due to this response.

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91. Simic – Azorius: An ailing Sphinx threatens to close Simic laboratories one by one, unless they find a cure to his disease that is slowly turning him into silver.
92. Simic – Boros: A minotaur sergeant, head over heels for a farming Golgari Gorgon, has begun cracking down on her competition a merfolk specializing in self-watering fungus.
93. Simic – Dimir: For the past few months, the combine has been researching a contagion that is poisonous to several species. Once the formula is derived, the shapeshifting researcher makes off with the discovery.
94. Simic – Golgari: A sentient clan of fungus and saprolings take several research stations hostage, and say they will return them to the surface once they are officially recognized in the guildpact.
95. Simic – Gruul: Smaller labs are being raided by a scrawny Gruul human. He seeks to make himself strong enough to challenge Borborygmos, and has been growing more dangerous with each raid.
96. Simic – Izzet: Many generations ago a joint experiment went horribly wrong. Results of that experiment are starting to resurface as a recent breakthrough shed new light on the situation, causing the ancestors of these experiments to both step up asking for the credit and reward.
97. Simic – Orzhov: Biomancers on the brink of discovery describe being stalked by gargoyles until they disappear suddenly.
98. Simic – Rakdos: Zeganna believes a biomancer to have fallen with the cult, as several Krasis were used as last night’s show stopper.
99. Simic – Selesnya: A well-meaning Selesnyan mage has broken into several labs seeking for a cure to his daughters illness. In his ignorance, he is actually making several creatures that are terrifying the local Ravnican citizens.
100. Simic – Simic: An especially zealous Vedalken has taken the guilds goal of evolution to the extreme. He pumps his tests subjects full of the drugs and magic before torturing them to “ensure survival of the fittest.” His experiments result in violent and dangerous creatures that are “not good enough”

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