Dominaria Standard: Hailfire Engine

It’s Tuesday O’Clock! Time for a deck tech!

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Hailfire Engine Decklist

Dominaria is looking to be one of the best sets Magic has received in a very long time. The cards are all unique and powerful, the flavor is on point, and everything looks fun and nostalgic. Now, with the full spoiler out, I want to show you guys the first deck I was able to brew up for the Dominaria Standard season. My original attempt at this deck was over a month ago, and I just couldn’t get it to work consistently enough to my liking. However, with all the new support from Dominaria, the Hailfire Engine should finally be ready to assemble!

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Hailfire Engine is a combo deck that tries to get the most value possible out of Paradox Engine, in order to make a massive Torment of Hailfire that either cripples your opponent or just kills them on the spot. Assembling the engine is the goal of this deck, and requires you to have a ton of artifacts and creatures that tap for mana. Once you have amassed a board of mana producers, Paradox Engine can start off a combo that will leave your opponent staring down a Hailfire with X equaling 15 or more.

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Before Dominaria came out, I was really struggling to assemble enough mana to make the combo. The deck was very inconsistent and struggled to actually fire off a Hailfire in the first place. But now, thanks to Dominaria, the deck finally has the support it needs to assemble the engine. First and foremost, a classic card that was deemed too powerful for Standard has finally made his triumphant return and that card is, of course, Llanowar Elves. This simple mana dork is amazingly powerful in this deck, ramping us immediately to 3 mana where we can play our next new card in Powerstone Shard.


Powerstone Shard seems like an innocuous card at first. With just one copy on the field, it’s worse than Manalith. But, if you are able to get two or more on the field, and then start to untap them with the help of Paradox Engine, you will be able to produce buckets of mana. Before Powerstone Shard was printed, I was trying options such as Rishkar, Peema Renegade and I just simply couldn’t make the deck consistent enough to compete. Powerstone Shard was the missing piston that the engine needed, and should now give you the chance to unleash volleys of Hailfire upon all of your opponents!


The third card that Dominaria brought to the deck is in Gilded Lotus. Casting a Gilded Lotus and then immediately tapping it for another Powerstone Shard should set you up to win as soon as the next turn, provided you have the Torment in hand. Getting that should be relatively easy, thanks to the number of cantrips in the deck. And in case you don’t have Torment of Hailfire yet, there are a few cards such as Battle at the Bridge, that should be able to keep you in long enough to find the cards that you need to win.

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Hailfire Engine is not the most competitive of decks I have ever built, but it is a blast to play. Launching a massive Torment of Hailfire is super satisfying, and is a great reward for setting up the engine. If you are looking for a fun FNM deck that can steal wins out of nowhere and make your opponent look in despair as you tell them how much X is, then this is the deck for you.

If you have an idea for a deck that you would like me to feature, message me on Reddit at /u/TuesdayTastic, or tweet your deck @TuesdayTastic. Thank you for reading, have a great week and an amazing Tuesday!

Hailfire Engine Decklist


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