Dungeons and Dragons

This is the archive for every article in my weekly “Only On Tuesday’s” series.

Learn From My Mistakes Series

Original Articles

Issue 01: Puzzles Suck

Issue 02: Railroads Lead to Nowhere

Issue 03: Be Careful Who Joins the Party

Issue 04: Prepare World Not Plot

Issue 05: How You Worldbuild Changes How You Play

New Articles

Issue 01: Puzzles Suck (Ver. 2.0)

Issue 02: Prepare to Improvise

Issue 03: Creating and Maintaining a Group of Players

Issue 04: Prepare World Not Plot (Ver 2.0)

Issue 05: Treat Your Players Equally

Issue 06: How to Start a Campaign

Issue 07: The Pitfalls of Poor Worldbuilding

Player Characters

Keeping Your Players Engaged

Listening To Your Players

Introducing Dnd to New Players

Minimizing Player Downtime

Getting the Players to Care


Thoughts, Tone, and Action

Elevate your Voice Acting

Handling Powerful NPC’s


Intimidating Villains

Building Up Your Villains

Monster Roles in Combat

Creating a Compelling Villain


Using Microscope for Dnd

How Theme Can Make Your World Unique

Running a Ravnica Campaign

100 Plot Hooks for Ravnica

Building a World With Magic First

Magic’s Influence on Culture

DMing the Golgari

Starting a West Marches Campaign


“A Man Comes Through The Door With His Sword Drawn”

Starting a Game: The Map With 3 Hooks

The Impossible Scenario

Session Flow

How I Keep the Pace in my Dnd Games

Descriptions: More Than 5 Senses

Yes, and: Improv in Dnd

The Mystery Potion: Flexibility vs Rigidity in Dnd

Starting a New Campaign

Planning a Dnd Session

DMing for a Large Group

Planning an Arc in Dnd

Prepping a Session in 30 Minutes or Less

How Metroidvania’s Make Exploration Fun

Encounter Design

Dungeon Design as a Plumber

Dungeon Design as a Kobold

Dungeon Design as Agent 47

Designing Epic Battles

The Elements of a Good Fight

What are the Goals of the Scene?

Roll the Dice: Inspiration from Randomization

Use an MtG Booster Pack to Inspire Your Dnd Sessions

Steal My Idea

The 8 Deadly Sins

Steal My Idea: The Phantom Tower

Playing Magic: The Gathering, and D&D at the Same Time

Turning Dnd into a Roguelike

Randomizing Your Dungeon On the Fly

Beyond the Screen

Music Makes You Braver

Scheduling Your Games

Dealing With Burnout

Our First Time DMing

Opinion Pieces

The Concept of Equality

Restrictions Breed Creativity

Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica Review