Magic: the Gathering

This is where you will be able to find all of my weekly Deck Techs for Magic the Gathering. It is organized by format and chronological order with the most recent posts appearing at the bottom of each section.

In-Depth Deck Guides

Bant Spirits

Aether Vial Spirits

Tournament Reports

Tournament Report: UB Zombies

GP Las Vegas Report: Bant Spirits

PPTQ Tournament Report: Aether Vial Spirits

GRN Prerelease Report: Game Grid Lehi

RNA 2HG Prerelease Report: Game Grid Lehi

RNA Standard

Famished Wand Combo

Azorius Winds

Simic Flash

Gruul Tokens

Orzhov Aristocrats

GRN Standard


5C Omniscience

Ghalta Elves

Izzet Blitz

Historic Boros

Deafening Dinosaurs

Budget Dimir Control

Budget Undergrowth


Impervious Budgetwurm


Lantern Control

Mono-Black Bulk

Immortal Spirits

Quest for the Holy Soul

Mardu Pyromancer

One Stop Thopter Shop

Esper Spirits

Jeskai Queller

Zada Token Storm

8-Whack Superion

Nykthos Zombies

Black Mold

4c Vannifar


My Commander Story: Alesha Who Smiles at Death


Midnight Gond

Elf Tribal

One Land Spy


How to Start Your First Cube

Core Set 2019: Cube Review

Commander 2018 Cube Review

GRN Cube Review

RNA Cube Set Review

Cube Design: Versatility Vs Synergy

Miscellaneous Articles

What Would No Banlist Standard Look Like?

Stop Telling Me to Play Bant Spirits

HOU Standard

UW Monument

Budget Boros Exert

Ixalan Standard

Tempo Mateys

Revel in Riches

WB Vampires

UB Zombies

UR Riddleform

Rivals of Ixalan Standard


Sneaky Merfolk

Dominaria Standard

Hailfire Engine

Form Voltron!

Seeking Saprolings

Mono Brown

Eternal Scarabs

M19 Standard

Wayward Belcher

Goreclaw Fling

Sylvan Scapeshift

Mono-Black Mastery